Sohee Reveals How She Maintains Her Slim Figure

2014-05-04 17:13:28 2014-05-04 17:13:28

Ex-Wonder Girls member Sohee has shared her simple steps to maintaining a lean figure.

The idol-turned-actress was a guest on a recent episode of MBC’s “Section TV Entertainment News.” As she is well known for her admirable body proportions, she was asked to share her tips on how to get a slim and beautiful body line. 

Sohee said, “I try to move a lot instead of just working out,” and emphasized the importance of keeping the body moving.

She continued to reveal her strict eating habits, “I tend to have a healthy appetite, but I don’t eat dinner.”

BIGBANG‘s T.O.P, who also participated in the interview, shared his knowhow, “I drink a lot of water. Your body loses moisture as you work, so it is good to drink generous amounts of water. If I don’t drink water, my skin condition gets worse. I am in a bad state right now,” and evoked laughter with his confession.