4Men to Return with Triple Title Comeback in May as a Duo

2014-05-05 21:43:48 2014-05-05 21:43:48

Vocal group 4Men are preparing to make a comeback as a duo (Shin Yong Jae and Kim Won Joo) on May 13 with their fifth official album.

Last year, they released several mini albums. However, it has been almost three years since their last full-length album since “The Artist,” released in June 2011, which included their hit song “Once While Living.”

Initially, 4Men were set to comeback earlier this month but was postponed in light of the ferry tragedy. The duo has already finished recording the songs for the upcoming album and is at the last stages of filming the music video and promotion preparations. Curiosity is growing for how their music will change with this new album, as one of the original members, Kim Young Jae, left the group in March—resulting in a two-member team.

Whenever the group put out a new track, they always took charge of number one on all music sites and have received a lot of love for their participation in drama OSTs.

This new album is packed full with a variety of charms and they are preparing to promote all three of their title tracks. A representative explained, “The decision to choose three title tracks for this album was made after much deliberation. After monitoring all of the songs, it became too difficult to choose one among these three songs.”

Are you looking forward to 4Men’s comeback?