Actor Ji Hyun Woo Is Discharged from the Military Today

2014-05-05 22:07:46 2014-05-05 23:21:43

On May 6, actor Ji Hyun Woo was discharged from the military. After serving for one year and nine months, the actor was discharged and greeted by 100 Korean, Chinese, and Japanese fans. Before exiting through the main gates, Ji Hyun Woo gave one last salute to his fellow soldiers, giving last handshakes and hugs to soldiers of his military unit.

In regards to being discharged, the actor nervously expressed, “I was able to diligently serve as a soldier through the help of my fellow soldiers, commanders, and executive officers. I am still trying to adjust to normal life as everything is still new. I hope to quickly adjust so that I will soon be able to meet everyone through a good presence. Today I plan to spend time with my parents. Although things aren’t fully set, I will most likely come back with a drama.”

When asked about his actress girlfriend Yoo In Na, Ji Hyun Woo responded, “That question is a bit… it is a difficult question to answer.” Although the actor saved his words when asked about his girlfriend, Ji Hyun Woo concluded his thoughts and said, “I hope to show a new image not as soldier Joo Hyun Tae (his real name), but as actor Ji Hyun woo. I will repay everyone with a good drama.”

Ji Hyun Woo plans to make his acting comeback through the upcoming KBS 2TV drama “Trot Lovers.” The drama, which will broadcast in June, will be the actor’s first drama in two years since filming tvN’s “Queen In Hyun’s Man.”

Congratulations, Ji Hyun Woo!


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