“Ahjumma” Group Girl Hood Set to Return in June with New Album and Uptempo Single

2014-05-05 10:52:05 2014-05-05 10:52:05

Girl Hood is set to release a new album in early June, according to the girl group’s representatives, SC Entertainment.

The agency has also confirmed that the upcoming release will see the group take a new musical direction. Girl Hood is a collective of four “mature” women, all of whom are married and aged 27-35. They made their debut in March this year with a ballad entitled “Honey, Sweetie, I Love You.” Their forthcoming release, however, will see the quartet take a step up in musical pace, according to SC Entertainment.

A spokesperson for the agency said, “The title track of the album is has an electronica feel to it, as well as a fast beat. It is very catchy. The group has put a lot of effort into the release, so fans have every reason to look forward to it.”