Past Photo of Jung Ryeo Won’s Mother Reveals Where the Actress Gets Her Beautiful Looks

2014-05-05 02:01:02 2014-05-05 02:01:02
Jung Ryeo Won

Actress Jung Ryeo Won recently revealed a past photo of her mother, proving that her beautiful looks were passed down to her from her mother.

The actress posted up the picture on her own Facebook page with a description, “Although her hair is in the shape of a ‘samgak (triangle) kimbap,’ my mother was very beautiful. My very beautiful mother.”

In the revealed picture, a driver’s license photo belonging to Jung Ryeo Won’s mother is shown. Her mother’s big, round eyes, sleek eyebrows, tall nose bridge, and plump lips show that she shares a strong resemblance with her daughter.

Netizens who saw the photo agreed that the actress’s beautiful looks seem to run in the family.

In other related news, Jung Ryeo won is currently appearing on cable channel Story On’s “Art Star Korea.”

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