Eddy Kim Opens Up About Chaebol Rumors

2014-05-06 19:12:38 2014-05-07 01:41:07

Eddy Kim made an appearance on Mnet‘s “Beatles Code 3D” on May 6 and cleared rumors about him being a chaebol.

MC Shindong asked him on the show if it was true that he only wore luxury brands, and if his family really owned a ski resort and a golf course in Canada. Eddy Kim denied these rumors, saying that he doesn’t know how these rumors came to be.

When Shindong asked him if it was true that he was wealthy, Eddy Kim responded, “I am well-off enough to go to school abroad. My parents worked a lot out of the country as well, traveling back and forth.”

Eddy Kim added that his parents both worked in the construction business but have since retired. He also revealed that he has an older sister who is in fine art.

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