Jay Park Confesses to Consulting a Plastic Surgeon in the Past

2014-05-06 05:53:53 2014-05-06 05:53:53
jay park

Artist Jay Park has revealed that he used to feel uncomfortable about his unconventional looks.

On a recent episode of MNet’s “Sagaji Show,” he confessed, “I have visited a plastic surgery clinic in the past.”

“I didn’t actually want to fix anything in particular. In America, people don’t care about the size of your face, your eyelids, or the height of your nose. But in Korea, those are very sensitive subjects,” he said.

“‘Your face is small. The bridge of your nose is low. You don’t have double eyelids. Your eyes are slanted.’ I heard a lot of comments about my appearance. At the time, pretty boys were trendy, and I thought of becoming one to gain more popularity,” he explained the reason for considering going under the knife.

On related news, Jay Park has been selected as one of the mentors of the second season of MNet’s “Dancing9.”

jay park