“Man From the Stars” to Be Released as a Film in China This Summer

2014-05-06 21:53:25 2014-05-07 03:20:56

Man From the Stars,” which gained explosive popularity all over Asia, will be released in China as a movie this summer.

According to reports from Chinese media on May 7, production company Meng Jiang Wei (盟将威) revealed that they bought the publication rights for the popular Korean drama. A movie official stated, “We are currently in the tail end of productions, and the movie is tentatively set for release in the summer. If the current pace continues, the film should premiere in June.” However, according to Star News, an official from the Korean “Man From the Stars” production company HB Entertainment said that the movie will probably be released no earlier than August of this year.  

Cutting down the 21-episode Korean drama, the Chinese film will be molded into a two-hour movie. The two-hour film will not be just a compilation of important scenes, but will include unreleased footage and scenes, as well, and can be expected to premiere this summer.