4Men Releases Teaser for “Pray,” From Upcoming Album “1998”

2014-05-07 20:52:36 2014-05-07 20:52:36

Duo 4Men (Shin Young Jae, Kim Won Joo) has released a second album teaser, this time featuring their second of three title tracks, “Pray” (literally translated as “It Will Be Okay Because You’re Pretty”). It shows a close-up of a woman’s face, cutting in at the end with the duo’s unmistakable, heart-wrenching voices.

The first teaser, for “Erase,” was released on May 7. (Watch it here:4Men Releases “Erase” MV Teaser and “1998″ Album Details)

4Men’s new album is titled “1998,” for the year that the group debuted. The three title tracks are “Erase,” “Pray,” and “OK,” and this will be the 4Men’s first album as a duo, since member Kim Young Jae left the group in March.