Billboard Gushes Over Akdong Musician Once Again for “Give Love”

2014-05-07 02:46:05 2014-05-07 02:52:03

It seems like Akdong Musician is also the new favorite of as they recently reported high praise for the sibling duo’s newest single and music video, “Give Love.”

On May 5, Billboard published an article on Akdong Musician’s third title track “Give Love,” calling the music video a whimsical, peppy and breezy track, just like the first single “200%.”

Billboard went on to explain that since “200%” was chosen as YG to be the first title and “Melted” was chosen by the duo, “Give Love” was the third single because it was chosen by the audience by performing well on music charts.

The article continues to describe the “Give Love” music video, revealing the cute story and love line that continues from the “200%” music video. Billboard also asked the question on whether this story line would continue, this time with Chanhyuk and the other girl, wondering on whether a new music video will be released. Read the entire article here.

Meanwhile, Akdong Musician has been steadfast in maintaining their incredible success. They have been keeping their top spots in the music charts even after a month since their album release.

Despite the lack of TV appearances due to the Sewol Ferry incident, Akdong Musician has been showing immense popularity by winning the #1 spot on various music programs.