Kim Ji Min Joins “Get It Beauty” Hosting Team

2014-05-07 05:32:46 2014-05-07 05:35:53

Comedian Kim Ji Min is set to join OnStyle’s “Get It Beauty” as a host. The star has previously appeared on KBS’s “Gag Concert,” as well as entertainment shows such as “The Family Dignity – Full House,” but will be making her debut in the sphere of beauty programs.

Kim Ji Min will be joining the current hosting team, which comprises actress Yoo In Na (star of dramas such as “High Kick Through the Roof”) and Rainbow‘s Jaekyung. “Get It Beauty” is a long-running show which showcases practical beauty tips, often inviting hair and makeup experts into the studio.

A spokesperson for the comedian’s representatives, CoKo Entertainment said, “Kim Ji Min has been getting a lot of love and support recently, and her schedule is really starting to fill up. In her forthcoming work, viewers can expect to see some very different aspects of her personality.”

Kim Ji Min expressed her delight in joining the “Get It Beauty” team, saying, “I am going to put a lot of effort into my work on the show. It is Korea’s flagship beauty program, and I hope I can contribute to its ongoing success.”