Henry Poses for Playful Summer Photo Shoot in Dazed and Confused

2014-05-08 08:01:13 2014-05-08 08:01:13

Super Junior‘s quirky genius Henry has recently posed for a playful and energetic summer photo shoot!

Henry is one of the biggest names in variety TV these days as the “icon of optimism” and exhibits his unique brightness and liveliness through this pictorial. Henry has been receiving much love through his “Real Men” appearances for his honest and quirky personality. 

Henry adds on trendy fashion sense and stylish poses to complete the photo shoot, shaking up the hearts of fans everywhere!

Pique polos, denim shirts and bermuda pants are some of the items from Lacoste that Henry models in this shoot. Henry perfectly pulls off a fun summer style that everyone can enjoy!

This photo shoot can be found in Dazed and Confused’s latest issue.

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