Kim Jong Kook Signs with “Running Man” Production Company’s Sister Company

2014-05-08 09:57:01 2014-05-08 09:57:01

Urban Works E Entertainment announced on May 8 that Kim Jong Kook has signed a contract with them. Urban Works E Entertainment is a sister company of production house Urban Works Media, which produces “Running Man.”

Kim Jong Kook was initially working independently as a one-man agency. He joined Urban Works under the condition that his staff will be able to be part of the company.

Singer Soya, Kim Jong Kook’s niece, also signed a contract with them.

Kim Jong Kook’s new agency stated that “Kim Jong Kook has maintained a close working relationship with Urban Works, working with ‘Running Man’, and collaborating on concerts and fan meetings.”

Urban Works E Entertainment has only worked with actors, but with Kim Jong Kook and Soya, they are planning on reaching out to the music industry.