Yoo In Young Shows Off Her Captivating Sensuality In Esquire’s May Issue

2014-05-08 13:11:19 2014-05-08 13:11:19

On May 8, men’s fashion magazine Esquire published its photo spread featuring Yoo In Young, the actress who appeared in the popular dramas “You Who Came From a Star” and “Empress Ki.”

As in her past work, Yoo In Young radiates a unique femininity and sexuality in this pictorial as well. The photographs are accompanied by an interview which reveals tales from the actress’s ten year career since her debut. She discussed filming with Jun Ji Hyun, her passion for acting, and incidents that occurred due to her shy character. But more than anything, she talked about the times when her self-confidence shined most beautifully.

Readers will be able to find the pictorial and interview from the more-gorgeous-than-flowers Yoo In Young in Esquire’s May issue.