Wheesung’s MV Teaser for “Night and Day” Features Girl’s Day’s Yura and Teen Top’s C.A.P

2014-05-09 13:25:30 2014-05-09 13:25:30
WHEESUNG(휘성)_Night and Day MV Teaser

Wheesung, who will be making his first comeback in two years and seven months, has just revealed his first music video teaser for “Night and Day. “

Featuring Girl’s Day‘s Yura and Teen Top‘s C.A.P in a drama storyline, Wheesung also shows off his impressive vocals through a long note in the teaser.

“Night and Day” is composed by Kim Do Hoon, the same person behind “Incurable Disease” and “With Me.” 

His new album “The Best Man” will be released next Monday on May 12. Other tracks include “I Like Singing,” “Lay Next To You,” “Masterpiece of You,” “I Don’t Want To Know,” “Best Man” and “Need To Make Money” for a total of seven tracks.

Previously released teaser image