EXO’s Kris Asks Member Xiumin About His Diet on “xoxo EXO”

2014-05-10 11:14:01 2014-05-10 11:14:01

On the very first broadcast of EXO’s new reality show “xoxo EXO,” Xiumin was caught eating mocha bread on camera.

The premiere episode of “xoxo EXO,” which aired on May 9, showed the cameras following the group to the set of their music video filming for recently released “Overdose.” During this time, Kris took charge of the camera and went around the set to capture a glimpse of all the EXO members and what they were doing.

By the time it was Xiumin’s turn to face the camera being recorded by Kris, he was seen in the midst of eating mocha bread. Kris then teased him by asking, “Are you not on a diet anymore?” To this, Xiumin responded, “In order to film the music video, I have to eat,” as he finished up the rest of the bread and flashed a smile at the camera.

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