G.NA Gets Stalked by Kim Min Kyo in Second MV Teaser for “Pretty Lingerie”

2014-05-10 21:02:33 2014-05-10 21:02:33

Just a day before the release of her new album, G.NA has unveiled the second teaser for her title track “Pretty Lingerie.”

While the first one showed G.NA acting sweet, flirty and girly in front of actor Otani Ryohei, the second music video teaser has revealed an another side to the story. 

The clip starts off with G.NA undressing herself behind closed doors, but seems like that is no obstacle to comedian Kim Min Kyo. He is looking excited while peeking inside the dressing room, and as G.NA steps out in her new outfit, she bumps into the unexpected stalker. Being the adorable girl she is, G.NA leaves the scene with a sweet smile on her face. However, the ending shows Kim Min Kyo with something very hard-to-get in his hands, and we can only wonder how, when and why did that happen.

The album and music video will be released on May 12.

Check out the teaser below!