Kim Jae Dong to Go on Lecture Tour Throughout England

2014-05-10 01:02:00 2014-05-10 01:02:00

MC Kim Jae Dong will embark in a tour throughout England to take part in a series of lecture. It was revealed that on May 9, the MC lectured at Cambridge University, while planning to lecture at London University on May 10, and on May 16, Kim Jae Dong will give another lecture at Oxford University. Lastly, the MC will wrap up his lecture tour on May 17 after giving a lecture in New Malden’s Koreatown. 

After receiving invitations by Korean students in England, Kim Jae Dong agreed to a series of lectures that will be held for both Korean students as well as for the locals. With all the tickets for the lecture sold out, it was evident that the MC’s lecture tour was of high popularity among those in England. 

Kim Jae Dong left for England on May 8. Have a safe trip!

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