Seo In Guk Overdoses on Caffeine in “Mellow Spring” MV Teaser

2014-05-11 18:43:30 2014-05-11 18:43:30
seo in guk

Singer Seo In Guk has revealed the first teaser for his comeback music video!

Just a few days after announcing that he will join this week’s comeback rush, the artist has dropped a creative teaser clip for his upcoming digital single “Mellow Spring.” 

The teaser shows Seo In Guk emptying cups of coffee at a worrying rate, and as the hours pass and the caffeine level in his body climbs up, he reaches a point where his body shuts down. The calming melody and Seo In Guk’s charming voice hint at a perfect jam for the late spring.

The video filled with beautiful filmography has been directed by Digipedi, one of the hottest art director teams at the moment. Through sweet and stylish visuals, the music video reflects the excitement that one feels when falling in love. 

“Mellow Spring” will hit the music stores on May 14.