Who Will Be Girls’ Generation’s Sunny’s First Guest on Her Radio?

2014-05-11 14:47:02 2014-05-11 18:02:48
girls' generation

As Girls’ Generation‘s Sunny starts as the  DJ for MBC FM4U‘s new radio show “FM Date,” many have been curious as to who would be the radio’s first guest. Well, the first guest is better than any flower boy!

On May 11, a representative of the radio show commented, “Park Geun Hyung will be the guest for the May 13 broadcast of “FM Date.” The veteran actor formed a good relationship with the Girls’ Generation member when they filmed for tvN‘s “Grandpa over Flower.”


Sunny and Park Geun Hyung’s close relationship will be evident during the radio show; yet many are curious as to what the two plan to discuss as Park Geun Hyung has been considered to be a veteran actor above and beyond his junior colleagues.

grandpa over flower

However, not to worry as Sunny showed her ability to create an upbeat atmosphere through her discussions and caring manners toward the grandpas on “Grandpa over Flower.”

Sunny’s new radio “FM Date” will air its first broadcast on May 12. The radio will broadcast everyday from 8 – 10PM (KST) for two hours on MBC FM4U.