EXO Talks Books, Underwear, and Love for Fans in Comeback Interview

2014-05-12 15:23:31 2014-05-12 15:23:31
EXO Section TV

EXO, who has returned with their new song “Overdose,” appeared in the May 11 episode of “Section TV Entertainment News.”

The interview, which took place at the backstage of their fanmeeting in Saitama Super Arena in Japan last month, talked about some interesting things about the boys including their opinion about their passionate fans.

“You have a lot of overseas schedules. Whenever you go overseas, what’s that one thing that you never fail to bring with you?” asked the reporter. Baekhyun bashfully said, “We always make sure we have fresh underwear,” causing embarrassed laughter among the members. “How can you say that in front of a lady?” the members buzzed among themselves causing Baekhyun to blush.

D.O tried to salvage the reporter’s impression of the group and added, “We also bring books (to read),” which got the members to call him out for not saying the truth. “EXO doesn’t read books,” D.O ended, bringing everyone to laugh.

When asked what has changed since their debut, Kai said, “It’s been two years since we debuted and our hearts for our fans have changed,” and the members nervously looked at him with great curiosity as to what he could’ve meant by that statement. Kai then clarified, “Our love for our fans has gotten bigger,” garnering cheers among the boys.

In the same interview, the boys also talked about their Japan showcase and taught the main choreography for their song, “Overdose.”