EXO Wows 10,000 Fans in China for Comeback Show

2014-05-12 02:35:22 2014-05-12 02:35:22

Following their successful comeback showcase in Korea, the boys of EXO went to Shanghai, China where they held their comeback showcase for their second mini album, “Overdose,” in front of 10,000 fans.

The phenomenal boy group packed a good show at Mercedes Benz Arena where they performed their title song, “Overdose” as well as their other track, “Run.” They performed a total of seven songs, including their previous hits “MAMA”, “Wolf”, and “Growl.

Aside from the performances, a video showing highlights from their activities and award shows in 2013 was shown as well as an introduction to the choreography for “Overdose.” The boys also played games with the fans and spent a fun time conversing with them.

The 10,000 lucky fans present at the event were specially chosen through a raffle draw at the official website of Dong Bang Satellite TV and Weibo. Fans who were unable to get tickets were even waiting outside the venue, proving the popularity of the group in China.

The “EXO Comeback Show” will be broadcasted in a special program to be aired at Dong Bang Satellite TV which is available all over China.