“Inkigayo” and Rest of SBS Variety Shows to Return to the Air

2014-05-12 16:54:20 2014-05-12 16:54:20

All of SBS’ shows can be expected to return to their regular schedules by the end of this week.

Inkigayo,” “Smiling People,” and “1000 Song Challenge” will return to the air after being canceled for the past month. In addition, “Running Man” will resume filming this week.

While “M!Countdown” and “Music Core” made their comebacks last week, SBS continued to show respect for the recent Sewol ferry tragedy by canceling “Inkigayo.” 

A representative of SBS commented, “Programs that were canceled until last week will return to the air this week. However, the program schedule might possibly undergo changes depending on the situation.”

Out of the three main broadcast companies, MBC has returned to its original schedule, whereas KBS continues to cancel some of its shows.