Viewers of “Triangle” Like Seeing Kim Jaejoong Get Roughed Up?

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It seems that viewers are liking the dirty, roughed-up version of JYJ‘s Kim Jaejoong in Triangle as the MBC Monday-Tuesday drama ranked first place in the ratings game last week. The singer-actor also received good comments for his acting in show after the airing of the episodes. 

 “I can’t take my eyes off Kim Jaejoong’s shocking acting on television,” was what most people in various online communities and SNS said regarding the drama. 

In the first two episodes of “Triangle” aired last week, Kim Jaejoong showed a shocking portrayal of a gangster and proving that the singer-actor isn’t afraid to get hurt and dirty for a scene as long as it helps the material.

In the previous episodes, Kim Jaejoong’s character, Heo Young Dal, had scenes wherein he caused a great disturbance at a meat restaurant when he started removing his clothes and later blackmailed Ahn Joo In (Kim Hye Eun). He also had a reckless kissing scene with Ahn Joo In later at a motel. When gangsters found where he was, they chased him around town while he was wearing only his boxers, and later, he got all muddied up.

“Kim Jaejoong personally really tried very hard. He even thought of throwing himself like what was seen on the show. He absorbed the character of Heo Young Dal so much that he perfectly portrayed the character in the show,” said a representative from Taewon Entertainment, the producer of the show.

With Heo Young Dal as the focus, and together with older brother Jang Dong Soo (Lee Bum Soo) and younger brother Yoon Yang Ha (Im Siwan), “Triangle” tells the story of the fateful meeting of the three brothers. Last week, the show ranked number one among the shows in the same time slot and is expected to continue in the following episodes.

Catch “Triangle” at MBC every Monday and Tuesday, 10:00 p.m. KST.

Kim Jaejoong as Heo Young Dal