M. Pire Releases Their New Single MV, “Rumor”

2014-05-14 22:38:51 2014-05-14 22:38:51
m. pire

M. Pire just released their new music video for “Rumor” on KT Music’s YouTube channel, the boys giving off sweet school boy vibes in their grey suits. “Rumor” is a guy explaining that while his girlfriend may seem innocent and shy in front of other people, when she’s with him she has a lot of attractive charms. The latter half of the music video moves from the initial spring background to a night setting, showing the boys in sleek black and red, as well as the ‘dark side’ of the girl.

“Rumor” is part of a single album of the same name, which includes another track, “Becoming a Star.”

Check out the music video below!