SHINee Releases Teaser for Upcoming Japanese Single “Lucky Star”

2014-05-19 02:04:36 2014-05-19 02:05:31

It’s been awhile, but the  “contemporary group” SHINee will be promoting again with the release of their Japanese single “Lucky Star.” The group released a very short music video teaser through the official Universal Japan YouTube channel.

In the channel we can hear an upbeat tune and the members of SHINee tumbling out happily from a vintage beetle van with an adorable dog. The bright colors, SHINee’s signature colorful outfits, and the bouncy beat promises a single deserving of the SHINee name.

The single will be released on June 25 (more than a month away!) but the license plate of the van shows the date June 22. Perhaps we can expect a music video then? 

Watch the teaser below and tell us how excited you are for their comeback! 

Right at the release of this teaser, the phrase “SHINee – New Single” was trending worldwide.