Jung Woo Sung Looks to His Past for GQ Korea

2014-05-21 00:40:58 2014-05-21 00:40:58

Veteran heartthrob Jung Woo Sung’s latest pictorial has been released.

The experienced actor, whose career spans twenty years, will be featured in the next issue of “GQ Korea” in a photoshoot that uses the Jamsu Bridge as a backdrop. The same bridge figured prominently in the movie “City of the Rising Sun” (1999) in which Jung Woo Sung plays a struggling boxer who falls in with the wrong crowd.

In an accompanying interview, Woo Sung talked about aging: “In my teens and twenties loneliness was a familiar feeling; in my 30s, I was able to become a better person.”

Readers will be able to find Jung Woo Sung’s pictorial and humanly charming interview (“Woo Sung’s Early Summer”) in the June issue of “GQ Korea.”