L Makes Cosplaying Pledge for Dongwoo and Sungyeol If Infinite Wins No.1 with “Last Romeo”

2014-05-25 09:37:18 2014-05-25 20:17:16

The May 25 episode of MBC’s weekly entertainment news show “Section TV” took viewers behind the scenes of Infinite‘s showcase for their new album, “Season 2.”

During the interview, member L made a pledge that if the group won first place on a music show with their title track “Last Romeo,” member Dongwoo will dress up as Juliet and Sungyeol as Romeo. “Please work hard,” he added with a smile as Dongwoo laughed in the background.

Infinite returned with their new album on May 21, and the group embarked on a three-country (Japan, Taiwan, Korea) showcase tour starting May 19.

Do you think Sungyeol and Dongwoo will make a good Romeo and Juliet?

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