Kim Yeon Woo’s “Move” (Feat. Block B’s Kyung) MV Released

2014-05-27 19:15:59 2014-05-27 19:15:59

The music video for Kim Yeon Woo’s new song, “Move” has been released, featuring vocals by Kyung, of boy band Block B. It is the follow-up to “Antidote,” a single which was released earlier this month. The month of May has marked a busy time for the solo artist, who has returned to the K-pop scene after a considerable break.

Unlike “Antidote,” a slower ballad, “Move” has a midtempo, and somewhat urban feel to it. As expected, however, the song showcases Kim Yeon Woo’s wide musical range and versatility as a vocalist.

Although the singer contributed to the “MYSTIC Holiday 2013” project last year, along with artists such as Kim Yerim, Kim Yeon Woo had been enjoying something of a break from the music scene until recently. Last year, however, he joined entertainment agency MYSTIC89, sending a clear signal that he had decided to make a musical return.