[Vote] Which K-Pop Artist Rules Your Country?

2014-05-29 05:30:28 2014-05-29 05:30:28

Hi Soompiers, it’s time for a fun poll! Yes, we all know that K-Pop is a worldwide phenomenon, but we want to know the specifics. Is SHINee rocking people’s socks off in Mexico? Does 2NE1 rule France? Is CNBLUE dominating the fans in the Philippines?┬áBasically, we want to know which K-Pop artist rules your country! Tell us in our very quick poll which country you’re from, and which artist is your favorite. As a bonus, you can also tell us in the comments section where you’re from and why your favorite artist has earned the spot of as your country’s best K-Pop artist. We will compile the answers and return to tell you which artists reigns supreme in your area!