[Exclusive] Interview with Swedish YouTube Singer Impaofsweden

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YouTube singer Impaofsweden, like her name reveals, hails from Sweden. She first discovered BIGBANG’s G-Dragon in 2010, which was a great intro to the world of K-Pop. She discovered her love for singing later than the usual child who dreams of becoming a singer as a teen. Despite her “slow” start, it quickly became her biggest interest. Impaofsweden started uploading her first cover on YouTube in December 2011, which was labelmate 2NE1’s “Hate You.”

December 2011 || 2NE1 – Hate You

“Wait- did 2NE1 release an English version?” That’s probably one of the first thoughts that popped into your mind while listening to the audio. If you check out her other covers, you’ll realize that all the covers are in English. Impaofsweden revealed that she was too afraid to pronounce Korean incorrectly, but she wanted to sing the songs she loved, so she decided to write the English lyrics, which aren’t always straight translations of the Korean version.

impaofsweden 3

Name: Josefin
YouTube Name: Impaofsweden
(The name Impa is taken from a character in the game series The Legend of Zelda (which I love))
Nationality: Swedish
Age: 21 (born 1993)


Q: How exactly did you get into K-Pop? You mentioned that you discovered G-Dragon back in 2011, but how? What’s your story?
To be honest I don’t really know, but it was through youtube in some way. I guess I just ended up finding something that linked me to another thing, and so on. I don’t really have a good story I’m afraid, haha. But when I did find it I couldn’t stop searching for more.

Q: Were you the first to discover K-Pop within your circle of friends? How did your friends view K-Pop back when you started making covers and how do they see it now?
Yes, I was the first one to discover it. I also introduced it to my best friend (sneak attack) and now she loves it too, haha. My friends that don’t listen to k-pop don’t really have anything against it, not at all, but they don’t love it either. First they thought it was a bit surprising with the korean language, but the more I made them listen to k-pop the more they got used to it.
One thing I’ve noticed is that when people hear the k-pop songs I cover with english lyrics they hear a “normal” pop-song, it’s just the language that is unfamiliar.

Q: Do your parents and friends know of your YouTube fame? Do you get recognized when you walk around in the streets?
Yes, my family and my closest friends know of my youtube channel. No, I don’t get recognized, at least not what I know of, haha. Even though k-pop is getting much more popular in Sweden it’s still not very big, and there aren’t really that many people who knows about it. I do know though, through friends, that some of their friends, or people they know, who listens to k-pop do know who I am, which is such a crazy thing for me!

March 2014 || Girls’ Generation – Mr.Mr

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