[Exclusive] Interview with Swedish YouTube Singer Impaofsweden

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Q: It’s surprising to hear that you didn’t sing since you were a child. Was there a special event that made you realize you enjoy singing? Did you receive any training since?
I have always loved singing, I have, but I never really thought of doing something about it. Probably because I’m not a very boastful person and when I was younger I was pretty shy, so it didn’t come naturally to show people that I could sing. It wasn’t until 7th to 8th grade that I realized that maybe I was good at singing. My music teacher at the time pushed me to take more place and got me to realize that singing was my thing! The more I got to know my voice the more confident I got in singing. Youtube also takes part in this and I have really gained a lot of confidence in my singing thanks to the response I have gotten on my covers. I am forever thankful!

Q: You’ve mentioned that you’ve started doing English covers of K-Pop songs because you were scared of having the wrong pronunciation. It’s been a few years since your first cover. Would you try singing in Korean?
Yes! I’ve actually always been singing along with the korean lyrics, but at the time I was really afraid to embarrass myself and pronounce it the wrong way so I found another way to sing the music I loved. Now I’m more used to singing in Korean and I do occasionally put up a cover or collab in korean on my channel.

Q: Who inspires you? (as a person, your singing, etc.)
To be honest, I don’t really have a very specific person who I strive to be like or who is my ideal. There are a lot of people I do like and who inspires me on many different levels. I often tend to be amazed by those who are strong on the pints I’m weak at. For example I tend to be impressed by rappers who are skilled because that is something I can’t do well. To mention someone though, I will always adore G-Dragon. Not particularly for his voice but more for the things he do as a song writer, producer and a an artist. I really see him as an inspiring person.

Q: If you could collaborate with a K-Pop artist, who would it be?
I think my answer to the last question should be enough, haha. But yes, I would never say no to work with GD.

Q: What do you do besides uploading covers onto YouTube? Are you a student or do you have a full time day job?
At the moment I have a full time job and I work during the weekdays. But as soon as I have free time I work as much as I can with writing lyrics and recording for my covers.

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Q: What are some of your other hobbies besides singing?
I love to paint and sketch, or just doodle, I love eating good food and spending time with my friends, traveling, looking at nice clothes on the web (and then close the page, haha), watching movies, and (of course) being silly!

Q: We see that you try to match the overall look of the artist you try to cover. Who takes care of the makeup and hair styling?
That would be me! Yes, I try to match it somewhat nicely to the theme of either the MV or the album/promotions of the song. I’m glad you’ve noticed!

Thank you so much for your time. Can’t believe how you’re able to manage a full-time job and an active YouTube channel on top of your other hobbies. Any last words to Soompiers (our readers)?
Hello everyone it is very nice to meet you, I hope you will enjoy my covers and thank you very much for reading~
I also want to thank my subscribers, I really appreciate your support and it means a lot too me, thank you so very much.

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