G.NA Talks About Maintaining Her Figure and Exercising in the Car

2014-06-06 06:53:57 2015-04-28 23:34:38

Solo artist G.NA has revealed the secret to her glamorous figure.

On June 5, the singer appeared on OnStyle’s “Get It Style” to introduce this summer’s hottest accessories and sunglasses. As she tried on a pair of large shades, the MCs could not help but admire how well she pulled off the look. 

In addition to styling tips, G.NA shared her know-how on maintaining a slim body. When asked to choose the body part she is the most confident in, she replied, “I want to thank my mother. She has a very nice hip line. I received my pretty hips from her. If I exercise just a little bit, my figure gets defined,” and confirmed that genetics have played the biggest role in shaping her body.

She continued, “I have maintained my proportions since my senior year of high school. From food to working out, I put rigorous effort into taking care of myself. Whenever I move from schedule to schedule, I stretch in the car.”