ZE:A’s Kwanghee Becomes the Spokesmodel for a Plastic Surgery Clinic

2014-06-07 10:12:52 2015-04-28 23:34:42

Kwanghee of male group ZE:A has been chosen as the spokesmodel for Korea Plastic Surgery.

Known for undergoing multiple surgeries before his debut, and being rather proud about it, the idol was recently chosen to endorse the medical clinic specialized in plastic surgery. 

In his introductory video clip, the idol expresses his support for the professional doctors and helpful staff, and ensures that any worries regarding the safety of plastic surgery can be overcome by choosing a safe clinic. With his bright and energetic voice, he asks the customers of Korea Plastic Surgery for their continuous love and support.

In related news, ZE:A recently made their powerful comeback with their new album “First Homme” and the title track “Breathe.”

Thanks to Kim for the tip!