K.Will Releases Two Teasers Ahead Of “One Fine Day” Mini Album

2014-06-23 19:00:53 2014-06-23 19:00:53

Two teaser videos for K.Will’s fifth mini album, “One Fine Day,” have been released. One predominantly features the singer himself, while the other gives fans a sneak peak at the music video for “Day 1,” the mini album’s lead track.

The first teaser video features a humorous series of sketches whereby the singer appears to be about to confess his love to a girl, telling her that “today is day one for us.” However, she knocks him back, at first telling him, “Sorry, I am going to study abroad.” Shortly afterwards, he tries again, but her reaction is yet more negative. A final scene shows K.Will announcing his comeback, to which she snaps, inexplicably, “Don’t do that!”

The second video features a few select scenes from the music video for “Day 1,” which features SISTAR star Soyu and actor Park Min Woo.

The two play a high school couple, and clips are shown of the two in a school setting, in a movie theater and in a kitchen, where Park Min Woo’s character tries, but fails quite spectacularly to cook a meal. 

The mini album will go on sale on June 26, and K.Will begins promoting “Day 1” on music shows beginning June 27.