ZE:A’s Kim Dong Jun Says He Started Working Out Because of His Pretty Face

2014-07-03 00:19:15 2015-01-26 19:19:04
Kim Dong Jun

On the July 3 episode of KBS Radio Cool FM show “Lee Sora’s Music Plaza,Kim Dong Jun of the idol group ZE:A confessed that his pretty face is what motivated him to start working out.

DJ Lee Sora asked Kim Dong Jun, “You have a beautiful face that resembles Han Ga In but your personality is that of a manly man’s. Do you have any dissatisfaction with your pretty face?”

The “sexy maknae” of ZE:A replied, “That’s why I started working out. Because I kept hearing that I look pretty and it doesn’t match my personality, I thought that I have to do well with my workout. It’s good that I’m finally good at working out now, very much,” implying that he wanted to project a manlier image that would fit his personality.

To the ZE:A’Styles here, what do you think of Dong Jun’s “transformation?”