Why Does Singer Hong Jin Young Wish to Move the Time Slot of “We Got Married”?

2014-07-06 06:56:07 2014-07-06 06:56:07

Female singer Hong Jin Young revealed in an interview with MBC “Section TV” aired on July 6 that she hopes their show, “We Got Married,” gets moved to a later time slot.

“Because our program is viewed by those aged 15 and above. For the sake of having skinship, I hope our program’s time slot gets moved to a later time,” the singer gave her honest opinion.

And what could she want to do if their show does get to be moved to a later timeslot? “It’s been a long while since I last held the hands of a lover,” Hong Jin Young said.

The singer also revealed that it is her first time traveling with a guy. “Nam Goong Min is the first guy I went on a trip with. Comments (at the show’s board) might say ‘He’s the first for this week’ but really, it’s true, (he’s the first guy I’ve ever gone on a trip with),” confessed Hong Jin Young.

Hong Jin Young