[Exclusive] Interview with YouTube Makeup Guru Jen ‘From Head To Toe’

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If you were YouTubing to get some inspiration for makeup and fashion, you might have seen a number of her videos- meet Jen, the founder and face of From Head To Toe.

Jen started to work with makeup in college when she wanted to look more professional for an internship. Despite being new to the whole makeup thing, her background in industrial design gave her insight to what was flattering for her features and soon developed her own techniques. Jen started her blog as a hobby post college to spread the knowledge that wasn’t readily available to her when she was younger (isn’t she so generous?). She currently balances her Youtube channel with her makeup site.

Jen was sweet enough to have an interview with us where we got to know more about her and learn some makeup tips as well! Scroll down for more!

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Name: Jen Chae
Major: Industrial Design, University of Kansas
Website: http://www.frmheadtotoe.com/

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YouTube Channel

Q: Please pick 3 words to describe you.
Purposeful, Creative, Perceptive

Q: Where do you get inspiration for your makeup ideas and fashion?
My background is in design so I’m used to taking in a lot of visual information from everywhere around me. Blogs, videos, nature, people, photography, but a lot of it culminates into a gut feeling. Sometimes an outfit just works that day or I’ll be attracted toward a certain color without an explicit reason. Those trend-seeking antennae direct a lot of my inspiration for makeup and fashion.

Q: You’ve mentioned that you naturally got into makeup during college. We know that college is a time where many are pinching their pockets. What products would you buy if you had to stick to a $20 budget, and could only use those products for makeup?
Lately I’ve been loving Maybelline Fit Me concealer which is a great drugstore product. I’d also pick up Wet N Wild eyeshadow, Covergirl Lash Blast Waterproof mascara, and Maybelline Color Whisper lipstick in Rose of Attraction which is one of my favorite MLBBs (my lips but better)!

Q: MLBB- that’s interesting. Are there any other fashion & beauty acronyms people should know?
“Holy grail” or “HG” is in reference to a must-have product. A “haul” is collectively the group of items you just purchased which may be shared in a video or blog post. OOTD is “outfit of the day.” FOTD is “face of the day.” If someone says “NC30” or “NW25” or something similar they are referencing their MAC foundation shade. Not everyone uses MAC foundation, but it’s a universal shade system frequently used to describe other products.

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Q: Have to ask, how do you stay fit? Any special tips?
I’ve been really into taking aerial arts classes lately, like aerial silks and lyra, which are some of the acts you might see at Cirque du Soleil. It takes a ton of upper body and core strength as well as flexibility but what I love most about it is that it doesn’t feel like working out. The best fitness tip is to try something you look forward to because it’s actually fun versus trying to deprive or force your body to look a certain way. Also, I love munching on fruits and veggies and never, ever skip protein for any meal.

Q: You shared that you have experience applying makeup on all different faces and eye shapes. Who was your most memorable makeup model and what kind of routine did you do?
Not to be a huge cheeseball, but the most memorable has to be when I recently did my hometown BFF’s makeup and was a bridesmaid for her wedding in May. She looked every part the effervescent blushing bride and I can proudly say that it held up through heat, humidity, photos, tears, dancing, and a full day of celebrating!

Q: That’s awesome and must have felt surreal to see your BFF on her big day. What’s the secret in having the eye makeup stay until the end of the eventful day?
You definitely want to stick with waterproof products and use primers for both foundation and eye makeup. I also recommend for brides to pat (not wipe) their tears or even better yet, just let tears fall down cheeks and dry naturally so the makeup isn’t disturbed.

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(Photo credits: Kassia Phoy)