Soompi Ideal Type World Cup: Semifinals

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Welcome back! The time is drawing near… we are now down to four guys and four girls! Who are the celebrities that you’ve picked as your ideal types so far?

With the exception of the 2PM Nichkhun vs. EXO Luhan match, which ended with just a 9% difference in favor of Luhan, most of the matches in the quarterfinals round were more or less runaways. The results probably won’t surprise many, even those who weren’t following the matches every hour on the hour! Both members of the elite YoonA and Lee Seung Gi couple have made it through, as well as the equally popular Suzy, Lee Min Ho, Park Shin Hye, and Song Ji Hyo. There’s also some good representation from the boys of EXO, with not only Luhan but also group mate Kai! All well-known for their beauty and talent, and we can definitely see why you’d want to date them.

(Check out the previous round here for more details on what went down! Soompi Ideal Type World Cup: Quarter Finals)

However, with so many popular celebrities, we anticipate some very difficult voting in this upcoming round. Without further ado, the semifinal matches are as follows:

miss A Suzy vs. Girls’ Generation YoonA

Park Shin Hye vs.  Song Ji Hyo

ideal type world cup females round 4

EXO Kai vs. EXO Luhan

Lee Seung Gi vs. Lee Min Ho

Soompi Ideal World Cup - MALES, ROUND 4

If your bias didn’t make it to this round, don’t feel sad! We’ll also be holding the matches for third place within the idol/actor divisions (fourth place overall within each respective gender):

IU vs. Girls’ Generation Taeyeon

2PM Taecyeon vs. 2PM Nichkhun

Goo Hye Sun vs. Jun Ji Hyun

“The Heirs” actors Choi Jin Hyuk vs. Kim Woo Bin

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