Who Should Play the Title Role in Korean Remake of “Nodame Cantabile?”

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There has been a lot of heated discussions on who should play the lead female character of “Nodame”  in the Korean remake of the hit 2006 Japanese drama “Nodame Cantabile” after YoonA of Girls’ Generation was named as one of the actresses being considered for the part. Most people are unhappy with the casting, while there are some who see the potential in the young idol/actress.  The reaction was unlike any for casting news for this drama. Joo Won, Dohee, and Bae Yoon Sik have already been confirmed for the drama.

It is hard to remake such a popular drama, both a ratings and critical hit, let alone fill the shoes of an actress who has made the role so iconic. Japanese actress Ueno Juri played the role of Megumi Noda (nicknamed Nodame) when she was 20 years old, winning the “Best Lead Actress” at the 51st Television Drama Academy Awards in Japan for her highly praised portrayal. She created some big shoes to fill when she played the role of Nodame, making harsh comparison inevitable for any actress picked for a remake.

YoonA carries a lot of baggage as an idol/actress and a large part of criticism directed toward her is because of the negative perception of such double duty celebrities. Some viewers will never give YoonA a chance, some will lower their expectations, and some will support her just because she is an idol. It’s a mixed bag of blessings that YoonA has to deal with to win over viewers if she takes on the difficult role of Nodame. YoonA earned praise for her role in “Prime Minister and I“; it looks like she is winning over some viewers. Is Nodame actually the perfect role for YoonA to finally receive mass public praise? 


For readers who have never seen “Nodame Cantabile” and don’t know what all the fuss is about, here is a quick and short introduction to the drama. Based on a manga of the same name, the drama depicts two aspiring classical musicians in college, the arrogant perfectionist Chiaki and the eccentric and disorganized Nodame. Chiaki aspires to be a orchestra conductor but can’t get the training he needs in Europe (the heart of classical music) because of a childhood trauma. Nodame is a piano student with high potential that can’t be tapped into because she fears competition. In the drama these two opposites attract, making new friendships along the way with some interesting characters and overcoming their fears to grow both in character and musical talent. Here’s a compilation of some scenes from the drama:

Do you think YoonA can play the role of Nodame? While we can’t expect any adaption to be exactly like the original, story or character-wise, and with no word on how exactly the Korean remake will play out plot-wise, can you see YoonA playing the quirky, messy, dramatic, and walking comedy act that is Nodame?

If not, who else can you see play the role? If we narrow down the age to actresses in their 20s, we have quite a list of candidates that may be able to take on the role of Nodame.

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