Soompi Ideal Type World Cup: FINAL ROUND

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The moment of truth is upon us! Two guys and two girls have made it to the finals, but there is only room for two winners. Are your ideal types still in the game?

The beginning of the last round seemed like a free-for-all, as several of the matches were split more or less evenly between the opponents, with the lead position moving back and forth. However, toward the end, there was one contestant in each match that pulled up front, leaving the other behind to sure defeat. The closer match was between Park Shin Hye and Song Ji Hyo: Park Shin Hye made a comeback late in the game and ultimately defeated Song Ji Hyo by almost 7%. Now, miss A SuzyEXO Luhan, and “The Heirs” couple Park Shin Hye and Lee Min Ho are the only ones left standing. Check out the semifinal round here for more details: Soompi Ideal Type World Cup: Semifinals

Now, for the first time in this ideal type world cup, we have  idols vs. actors. Check out the fun facts and stats in our updated brackets:

miss A Suzy vs. Park Shin Hye

Soompi Ideal World Cup - FEMALES, ROUND 5

EXO Luhan vs. Lee Min Ho

Soompi Ideal World Cup - MALES, Round 5

Good luck!

While Song Ji Hyo, EXO Kai, and the YoonA-Lee Seung Gi couple were knocked out, it’s not completely over for them — third place overall still has to be settled! The matches will be: 

Girls’ Generation YoonA vs. Song Ji Hyo

EXO Kai vs. Lee Seung Gi

In the last round, you voted for the third place female idol, female actress, male idol, and male actor. Go to the next page to see the individual division rankings: