Announcing: The Winners of the 2014 Soompi Ideal Type World Cup!

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Congratulations to “The Heirs” couple Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye


These two actors ultimately prevailed over the idols! It was a close vote for both of the first place matches, the numbers of votes often coming to a near 50/50 split! In fact, both matches ended with really similar results! Check out the final round here for more details: Soompi Ideal Type World Cup: FINAL ROUND.

Is it a coincidence that these two co-starred and romanced it up in the hugely popular drama “The Heirs”? Probably not, as both Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye appeared to have supporters coming out in spades from all over the world. But it’s good to see them together again, loosely speaking. Congrats to the couple and all the MinShin fans out there!

Coming into a close second place were EXO‘s Luhan and miss A‘s SuzyThese two popular idols put up a very tough fight. They didn’t win, but hey, second is pretty impressive, too! Just look at the list of celebrities they knocked out. And they definitely gave Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye a run for their money.  

luhan suzy

You also voted last round for third place overall, which went to EXO Kai and Girls’ Generation YoonA.

yoona kai

In this case, the idols took the win, knocking out the multi-talented entertainer Lee Seung Gi and “Running Man ace” Song Ji Hyo for third place overall.  The match between Kai and Lee Seung Gi was really close — the winner unpredictable at any given moment during the voting, much like the matches for first place. On the other hand, however, YoonA’s victory was a complete runaway, there being no doubt from the very beginning that she was going to take the third place spot. 

Turn the page for the final brackets and the full list of rankings!

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