miss A’s Min Reveals Her Passion For Music in bnt Magazine

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In the recent photo shoot with bnt, she worked with many different concepts. Starting from op art-like concepts to a modern concept where the idea of minimalism was reinterpreted, she was able to work with these concepts with her own style. Throughout the photo shoot, she was able to keep the lively atmosphere going through her natural expressions and poses. It could be because she has so much experience in doing photo shoots that she was able to perfectly express the different concepts. 

Min sat down with bnt magazine and did an interview. She expressed her passion for music by saying, “Even if I didn’t become a singer, I think I still would’ve done something involving music. I really like dancing. I really want to do solo activities.”

Continuing on, when she was asked about her ideal type, she said, “When I’m talking, I look at the other person’s eyes. While looking, I think about them by myself.” Although she showed a hint of shyness when asked about this question, when she was asked about doing a provocative pictorial, she said, “I want to do it, but I don’t really get the chance to do it.”

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