EXO’s D.O.: “I Once Copied Jo In Sung’s Hairstyle”

2014-07-15 05:28:10 2015-04-29 00:23:34

EXO member D.O. talked about his admiration for his co-star Jo In Sung.

On July 15, the cast and staff of the drama “It’s Okay, It’s Love” had a press conference for its upcoming premier. Jo In Sung, Gong Hyo Jin, Lee Kwang Soo, Sung Dong Il, and Do Kyung Soo (D.O.’s real name) was there to answer questions about the drama to the press.

During the conference, D.O. was asked if he had been a fan of Jo In Sung before the drama. He answered, “I was very impressed by Jo In Sung’s role in the movie ‘A Dirty Carnival’. It was to the point that I copied his character’s hairstyle in the movie.” He also added that it was such an honor to work with such great actors for his debut acting role. 

jo in sung

You can watch D.O. answer the question and just look adorable in this video:

“It’s Okay, It’s Love” will air its first episode on July 23.