Kim Tae Hee’s Brother Lee Wan Says He Feels Awkward Around Rain

2014-07-21 20:18:23 2016-03-23 21:59:32

Kim Tae Hee‘s younger brother and actor Lee Wan admitted to feeling awkward around his sister’s boyfriend Rain

Lee Wan recently joined the cast of KBS‘ variety program “Our Neighborhood Variety” as a member of their soccer team Our Neighborhood FC. During the first shooting, the members of the variety program bombarded him with questions about his sister’s relationship with the star Rain. 

When Kang Ho Dong asked him if he called his sister’s boyfriend “Rain,” Lee Wan admitted that “it’s still awkward around him,” and that he calls Rain “Jihoon-ssi.”

Later on, he raised a cheer from his team when he promised to bring his sister Kim Tae Hee onto the show if his team lost.

Lee Wan’s initiation into Our Neighborhood FC will be shown on the upcoming episode of “Our Neighborhood Variety,” scheduled to broadcast on July 22.  

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