Ladies’ Code Rise and Ashley Sport New Looks for August Comeback

2014-07-23 19:41:12 2014-07-23 19:44:33

Girl group Ladies’ Code is set for an August comeback, and they’re sporting some new looks!

On July 23, member Rise posted a photo of her new look on Twitter:

“Everyone, I have blonde hair now, what do you think? It’s still a bit strange, but go easy on me”

ladies' code rise

Ashley also followed up with her own “new look”:

“My new look, too. How is it? Nanananananana batman~~ #stillasecret #nochangeyet #sawwry #trickedU”

ladies' code ashley

Polaris Entertainment said, “A more mature Ladies’ Code will be back in August. While maintaining the group’s musical color, they’ll hit the stage with a fresh new concept.”

Ladies’ Code has wrapped up shooting for their album jacket and music video, and is currently putting the final touches on the album.