B1A4 Wins on Music Bank, Comeback Stages by SISTAR, HyunA, Block B, and More

2014-07-25 11:29:32 2014-07-25 11:29:32

B1A4‘s “Solo Day” takes the win this week on Music Bank. They just barely managed to beat Girl’s Day‘s “Darling” today on the show.

This was a hot week for comebacks with new songs by SISTAR, HyunA, Block B, BESTie, Homme and Heyne. GOT7 had their goodbye stage for “A” while BEAST had a special stage for “Sad Movie.” Phon and Play The Siren had their debut stages. 

SISTAR – “Naughty Hands”, “OK Go!” & “Touch My Body”

HyunA – “Blacklist” & “Red”

Block B – “Her”

BESTie – “Hot Baby”

Heyne – “Red Lie”

Homme – “It Girl”

B1A4 – “Solo Day”

BEAST – “Sad Movie”

Infinite – “Back”

Girl’s Day – “Darling”

GOT7 -” A”

Henry –  “Fantastic”

MAMAMOO – “Mr. Ambiguous”

Cross Gene – “Amazing Bad Lady”

Play The Sire – “Dream Drive”

Phon – “I’ll Be Your Spring”

B.I.G – “Hello”