Song Seung Heon in Singapore to Promote His First Erotic Film “Obsessed”

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One of Korea’s most celebrated hunk Song Seung Heon was in Singapore last week to promote “Obsessed,”  his very first erotic film. Besides meeting the local media through a press conference and small group interviews, Song Seung Heon also attended a Meet-and-Greet session prior to the film’s Gala Premier on Friday, July 25.

Song Seung Heon said because of his character Kim Jin Pyong who is physically and mentally hurt by the war, for about four months while he was working on the production, he kept to a strict diet and also worked out hard to prepare himself for the role. 

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So what was going through his head while shooting the love scenes? 

“Before this movie, I always thought that if I were to do an intimate scene I would do it very well and it was going to be awesome. As an actor and part of an acting career, I thought that I would have to do it eventually. When the scene was filmed, there were more people than what we have in this room (referring to press conference) looking at us naked. It was very difficult but a very interesting experience. But after the scene, I realized that the intimate scene was even more tiring and exhausting for me than any other action scenes that I was involved in.” Song Seung Heon felt he could have done better in the scenes though.

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Then, will Song Seung Heon do more of such intimate scenes in future? 

“The intimate scenes in the movie was used as a tool to show how strong and passionate the love was between the two characters in the movie.  I didn’t take up this role just to try something new as an actor. It came as a package; the director was someone I can really trust and the staff that I was working with were great. And the character that I fell in love with, everything came in a great package and that’s why I ended up taking this role. I can’t really say that I will take up another movie just because I like intimate scenes. If they were scenes necessary in any upcoming movie that I will be involved in, yeah, why not?”

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Did Song Seung Heon do any prepping of his skin to look good under the camera?

“Kim Jin Pyong is a soldier and a colonel in the movie, so it’s important to play a realistic role. I did discuss with the director and talked about not working out at all, or even have a bit of belly to show a realistic side of the story. But we sort of decided that the audience probably wouldn’t want that and I was not ready to show that side of myself. We decided to keep a well-maintained soldier image but skin wise, I went for tanning because a soldier would have been in the sun quite frequently.”

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Will Song Seung Heon sacrifice his career if he found himself in a forbidden love circumstance?

“I hope this situation will never happens to me. If you think about it, it means finding true love after your marriage. I hope such heartbreaking situation will not come to me. That’s why after filming this movie, I will think twice about getting married and be a little more cautious than I was initially.”

“Obsessed” opens in cinemas here on July 31.

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