Girls’ Generation’s Jessica to Launch Her Very Own Brand Called “BLANC”

2014-08-05 23:02:00 2014-08-06 01:06:14

Girls’ Generation member Jessica has become the CEO of her very own brand, “BLANC.”

On August 6, Jessica made the announcement through her personal Weibo: “Finally, launching my own brand, BLANC,” along with a photo of herself dressed in a simple yet stylish black and white outfit, with various sunglasses scattered around her. She also included the website address for the upcoming launch, which you can check out here (

The launching date of Jessica’s upcoming brand “BLANC,” which will include sunglasses personally designed by the Girls’ Generation member, is set for August 9. Currently on the site, there is a large timer that is counting down the days until the opening of pre-orders, as well as the official launch.

During the final August 5 episode of OnStyle’s “Jessica & Krystal,” Jessica shared, “I have a lot of interest in bags, shoes, sunglasses, jewelry, and cellphone cases. I want to slowly try designing.”

Meanwhile, Girls’ Generation will be releasing a photo book on August 25, titled “Girls’ Generation in Las Vegas,” in celebration of the group’s seventh debut anniversary.