Recap: “A Pink’s Showtime” Ep 1 – We Ain’t Afraid of No Bungee, Sort of

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It has been far too long. We have waited many years but at last the Pandas shall rule the air waves once again. After much teasing and anticipation, A Pink has returned to the world of real variety shows with “A Pink’s Showtime!” As the chief animal of the Soompi team, I believe it is my duty to provide the Pandas of the world with some weekly recaps, to ensure the world is aware of our glorious return.

If this doesn’t turn out as great as everyone is thinking then…well…blame the editors! I’m just a lowly penguin in a panda suit. Anyway lets start this week’s recap!

Dull And Important Disclaimer Stuff: Lordbordem is the official penguin of the Soompi team, as such Lordbordem talks of himself in 3rd person. As a penguin, Lordbordem does not see the world in the same way as those dastardly human editor do. Lordbordem’s opinion definitely do NOT reflect the opinions of the rest of the human Soompi Team or Soompi itself. Seriously, don’t trust a penguin.

A Pink

Chapter 1 – Lets meet our hosts for the evening~ 

Previously on a A Pink variety show, we saw A Pink go from debut to Chorong getting her driver’s licenses despite the concerns of everyone else. There was also a bit where they raised two puppies but we do no speak of that event any more. 

Having never watched Showtime before, I have no idea what to expect from this show. At least this way, I go in with a blank slate and come out the other end in the positive. 

A Pink

We begin our Showtime journey with a nice little drive. But before that, am I the only that finds those little character cards on their cameras really cute? No? Just me? Fine lets continue then because we have much more important things to cover, first of which is Eun Ji’s quest to appear on every camera, only to be thwarted by Na Eun’s amazing ability to take up her whole camera to herself.

We then move on to introductions or that’s what I assume the staff would have liked. Instead we get the shortest of intros while Bomi quietly introduces herself in the background before meeting the searing glare of Eun Ji besides her. Anyway we don’t need no extended life story here, we can save that for the inevitable confession/hearing episode in a few weeks time.

A Pink

We got more pressing matters, such as a morning round of Chu~ poses because if there is one thing A Pink hates more than an empty stomach, it is to act cute outside of a stage. As with all annoying things, better get it done and over with. Eun Ji forces them into action and we get the Chu~ parade we so desperately wanted to see.

A Pink

But why end there when the staff could torture(?) them even further. This time we are going to get into some Giyomi(Cutie) player business. Will A Pink manage to finish a full lap of the Giyomi player? Will Bomi have no hesitations at all, and finally will Eun Ji look on in absolute abhorrence. The answer to those questions are Yes, Yes and oh absolutely Yes.  

As A Pink continues their car journey into the unknown, dance breaks out in the A Pink Van with Chorong talking about how she wishes to go on an overseas trip while Eun Ji talks about a river picnic, and Nam Joo wants to do a telepathy special. (Meanwhile Naeun is randomly screaming about a Chicken Stew restaurant at the side of the road).

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